Ready-Mix Concrete

JJKennedy PowerplantReady-mix concrete is a sustainable, green building material that has a variety of uses. The basic raw materials include cement, stone or gravel, sand and water. Each order is specifically manufactured using a proven mix design for delivery to our customer’s specifications.

We use centralized computerized dispatching; producing a consistent, quality, customer specific product. Each truck load includes a computerized batch ticket detailing the breakdown of raw materials and weights included in each truck.

We are a knowledgeable, experienced leader in types and uses of concrete. We can help you to develop a mix that works for you and your job.
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Are you interested in setting up a concrete plant at your job site?

We can do that! We have a portable concrete plant and the expertise to set up and operate a concrete plant specifically for your job.
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Builder’s Supplies

We carry a complete line of builder’s supplies:

  • Block
  • Boots & Gloves
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Cement & Mortar
  • Clear Polyfilm
  • Concrete & Mortar Colors
  • Concrete & Mason Sand
  • Concrete Sealer
  • Durawall
  • Expansion
  • Forming Stakes
  • Keyway & Zip Strip
  • Laser Levels
  • Limestone & Gravel
  • Mason & Finish Tools
  • Rebar
  • Reinforced Wire Mats
  • Reinforcing Wire
  • Sakrete Products
  • Stepping Stones
  • Steel Decking
  • Thoroseal Products
  •                                                             Wheelbarrows

Our fleet includes front discharge mixers, which offer the versatility of all-wheel drive, increased chute length and complete driver control. All of which saves you time and manpower.

The future is important to us.

Concrete is environmentally friendly making it a sustainable building material, able to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines. We currently have a reclaimer at three plants, and plans to install more soon. A reclaimer works to recycle …and Much More!

The reclaimed raw materials may be reused in a variety of ways. Another “green” quality of concrete, the manufacturing process does not produce toxic runoff, unlike asphalt.

Block & Material Delivery

We utilize our own boom truck for building block and Retaining Wall block deliveries. Call for current block prices and delivery charges.

We also deliver driveway stone, sand or gravel. No matter what the job size, we have a truck to suit your needs. Please call 866-699-3835 for prices. Minimum one ton delivery.

Keystone Retaining WallsJJKennedy Firepit

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems is the premier name in segmental wall products in the United States and around the world. The advantage of keystone is the ability to provide an attractive finish, while ensuring stability with it’s positive fiberglass pinned connection. You’ll find a wide variety of Keystone products, with different shapes, face textures, and colors so that you can select the right product for your home or commercial building.

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